Transparent green spider

A jumping spider
A jumping spider

In the forests of Papua New Guinea it is thought that there are thousands of plants and animals which have never been seen by human eyes.

Recently a new kind of spider was discovered, a green jumping spider. In fact it is so new to humans that it doesn’t yet have a name. It is thought to belong to the Orthrus group of jumping spiders. There were only 4 species in this group, now we have 5.

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156 thoughts on “Transparent green spider”

  1. I live in Ky andI saw one of these transparent little green spiders on the railing of our deck yesterday evening. I thought I have never seen a spider like this and how pretty it was.

  2. I’m in Bradenton Florida and one of these was just on my husbands back! He was wearing a white shirt so it really stuck out. As i told him a spider was on his back and he was standing up to walk away from our newborn and fling off his shirt it jumped off! Needless too say after.checking each of us and our kids we left the park and Came home lol

    1. What a story Manda! That must have come as quite a shock.
      Although I doubt that your spider was exactly the same as in the photo (which is only found in Papua New Guinea), it may well be from the same family of jumping spiders.

  3. I think this spider is the same. Kind as the one that attacked my wife. She walked under the garage door and it dropped down like it was trying to ambush her then on the ground it started hopping around like it was on a trampoline. Very wierd never seen this before . This spider looked like the picture and was aggressive. Is this spider venomous?

    1. It’s impossible for me to say but I very much doubt that your spider is the same species as the one in the picture, which was recently discovered in Papua New Guinea. However it may be in the same Orthrus family of jumping spiders.
      All you need to do for some more information is to click the link in the post to see what Wiki has to say about Orthrus spiders.

  4. I just saw this spider…very bright neon green. Is it poisonous? I work at a school…don’t won’t a kid to get bit.

    1. It’s impossible for me to say but I very much doubt that your spiders are the same species as the one in the picture, which was recently discovered in Papua New Guinea. However they may be in the same Orthrus family of jumping spiders.
      All you need to do for some more information is to click the link in the post to see what Wiki has to say about Orthrus spiders.

  5. The picture of the spider above looks mighty similar to the tiny neon green spiders that live in my car [south florida]. I always find thin, hair like, strands of web here and there throughout my car. Every now and then one of the lime green spiders would appear; on my dashboard, outside on the window, or on the roof of my car. They seem to come out more in the evening. They haven’t bothered me yet, but I am very curious to know more about it. It looks to just be a small bright green spider with red/black/brown small dots on its forehead.

    1. Thanks Jenna, I don’t know what it is about this spider and cars, but they seem to love them.
      It’s impossible to say but I very much doubt that your spiders are the same species as the one in the picture, which was recently discovered in Papua New Guinea. However they may be in the same Orthrus family of jumping spiders.
      All you need to do for some more information is to click the link in the post to see what Wiki has to say about Orthrus spiders.

  6. To Speedy Brown.
    Thanks for your mail.
    Please put your spider photo on your facebook (or whatever) page, leave a link here, and I can do the rest.

  7. /Users/canche/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2011/untitled folder/DSC_0168.JPG
    Here is the picture I hope the link works. If not send me an email.

  8. I live all the way in Guatemala and took a few pictures of this green spider they are identical to the picture in the web. These spiders appeared recently in my house and I found a nest from which came out about 15 of them running like crazy. I would like to know if it is poisonous. Atleast now I know where jumping spider came from because these spiders were jumping all over the place.

  9. I see these little neon green spiders in the evening often, usually on the cars. It has bright orange on the eyes…What is the name please? Do you have a link with more info on the species? Is it in fact a jumping spider? I live in SE Louisiana.

  10. I found this spider on the inside of my windshield while driving on the highway in South Florida and nearly wrecked! It’s a fast mover and insisted on remaining directly in front of my face, at eye-level, just staring at me… My heart was beating to fast! I was scared it was going to jump on me, but I made it to work unharmed. Can’t say the same for the poor little guy…

    1. is this spider poisionous? I had one crawl on my leg i think it bit me, not sure though….a red pimple that is swollen around it.

    1. It’s impossible to say from a photo, but it is highly unlikely that it is the same species. Nevertheless it is a striking resemblance, isn’t it? Great spot Emily!
      Ecuador, like Papua New Guinea, is renowned for its biodiversity, and as you say it is a beautiful creature.

  11. Interesting, ive seen a white/green spider kinda see through-ish all the time where i live (South Fla) they’re mostly seen on my car which is weird. the spider doesnt look like the one in the picture though. the ones i see are a different shade of light green. the one in the picture is too brightly green. however i was wondering if the ones that i see crawling around on my car, if they’re poisonous or not and also what type of spider it is because ive been seeing that type of spider for over a year now, but before that ive never seen one like it.

  12. Received this mail today, thought it might be of interest (for privacy reasons I have not included the name of the sender, but thanks anyway).
    Message: Hi, I’m in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, Qld (where all the floods have been) and I just saw this spider! The thing that got me, it Looked! at me! It watched me. I’m not into bugs but had to see what it was and it must be the same one, although the belly had a white/cream tinge to it, otherwise exactly the same. Wish I’d taken a photo! And no, it was not in my car (what is it with that?!!). Was on our back steps.
    And then I received a second mail.
    Message: Hi, I kept looking re the spider and am sure it’s a mopsus mormon (something like that). Never seen one before! Anyway, thanks for letting me voice. Regards.
    I also reckon it must be a mopsus mormon, great researching!

  13. There is a spider like this living in my car. My car is red and brown. No green in sight. I noticed that it had rapid movements like a jumping spider but I had never seen a spider such as this. It also had black dots that seem to morph onto its body and disappear. Three on it’s torso and one on its head.

    1. This sounds very much like the spider seen by the commenter below. It’s probably a jumping spider from the same family as the spider in the picture, but it’s almost certainly a different species.

  14. There is one that i just noticed living in my car and there is no green in the car. Is it poisonous? It’s body also seems to morph different colors. The black dots disappear and there was a yellowish dot that appeared on its head as well as three black dots along its back end that seem to flash. It also seemed to make quick movements as a jumping spider normally does.

    1. It’s probably a different species to the one in the photo, so I don’t know if it is poisonous or not, but your description of the color variation is fascinating.

  15. I seen a spider closely related to this one in Coral Springs Florida, The day was almost beggining to get dark and i seen this spider on the tennis court glowing.

    It was very aggressive but tiny, i figure this spider was poisonious becuz it was freakin glowing!

  16. I’d like to say that I’ve been looking for this spider again for a very long time. About 6 years ago in NJ, behind my house. I found one of these small spider crawling up the side of a tree. It was roughly half an inch in size, and an almost translucent green. With no other visual distinctions. This is the first place I’v found with a picture that is identical to the one I found.

  17. wow! i believe i saw this exact same spider! but it was a baby… i have a picture of it on my camera still! but this was on a beach!.. it was on my leg.. and i was so fascinated by it that i just let it walk up my leg unto my towel.. u know.. trying not to make any sudden movements.. I’ve been looking for the spider i saw for a little while now.. and so far this is the closest…

  18. Okay while i was picking roses , i picked one flower then saw the same spider then i felt like my heart just stopped i dropped the rose and just ran inside it scared me to death : (

  19. Found one of these neon green spiders in my yard about 2 weeks ago (just outside of Kerrville TX) was the most beautiful spider I’ve ever seen. I shooed it away thinking something that bright must definitely be poisonous. I wasn’t about to touch it. I was amazed at how green it was. It looked like jade with glass legs. and it glowed.

    I am definitely surprised at the wide area of sightings for this spider to suddenly start appearing in the US all the way from New Guinea. Does anyone know how it got here and why it is spreading so quickly? I would suspect it came over in some sort of shipment, such as hiding in a box or shipping container.

    I was really disappointed with your comment to the person asking if they should take it to someone who could study it. All you could answer was “release it, because it’s not endangered”? Seriously? The question is not whether it is endangered. It’s a new spider species that is obviously prolific. I sure a heck would love for some bug scientist to analyze it and any venom it may have. I will certainly catch it the next time I see it and turn it in for studying. I suggest others do as well.

    1. Thanks very much for your reply and your thoughts Redbaronesse.

      I guess it was just my love for nature that influenced me to make such a reply as ‘release it’, coupled with my mistrust for some scientists.

      However on reflection you are probably quite right, and we should analyze this creature. I wish you well in capturing one, but please let it be studied by a ‘good’ scientist who will respect the little fella.

  20. I saw and photographed one of these beautiful animals while visiting some ruins in Veracruz, Mexico. It is a veeeeeeery hot and humid place!!!

    1. Thanks Isabel, exciting sighting, our first in Mexico, and quite a way south too, in Veracuz, which I understand is Mexico’s oldest and largest port (BTW love the cathedral).

  21. I was walking through my vegetable garden today and found three of these green translucent spiders on top of the leaves of some of my plants – basil, jalepeno pepper and celery. I’ve never seen these before and they’re so green they match the leaf coloring really well. Are they poisonous or dangerous? They were all three just sitting elevated on the plants in direct sunlight so I didn’t bother them and thought I would look them up (judging by this site I’m not the only one). I’m in Ventura County, Southern California – are they rare here?

    1. Sara, we have had no-one report that this spider is poisonous, but there have been a couple of reports (which you can read below) telling us that it packs rather a nasty bite, so please take care.
      You are the first to report a sighting in Southern California.

  22. I was just playing outside with my little brothers and sister outside and they were like “woah! a green spider” i didn’t see it because it was in the grass so it was hiding. But they tried picked it up and it just ran and jumped away from us haha. Then i finally caught it for them and we put it in a cup and just looked at it for a while.

  23. Walked into a web… this exact spider landed on my knee! in Virginia. definitely had the translucent look to it. I made a embarrassing public display when I tried to get it off of me in front of a mexican restaurant. Scared me to death!!

  24. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This little guy was in my car this morning. He was on my steering wheel and very calm. After a few photos, I lured him onto a piece of paper and transported him to the grass. Great coloring, it seems that they can handle extreme heat conditions (closed car in Florida can be very hot).

  25. Wow, it is a jumper. Sitting at Starbucks yesterday and I felt it land on my arm. Knocked it off, then killed it. Never havc I seen a green spider before. I’m in Kerrville, TX (near San Antonio). It wasn’t very big either. Surprised I even felt it land.

  26. Strange. I saw a similar spider during a school trip in Sabah, Malaysia, only the stomach (is it a stomach?) is not as big, but rather…bottle-shaped. Ok, thin. but everything else is roughly the same. Could it be a different kind? Oh, it was tiny in size.

    I’m surprised that many of you got bitten. The one I found was tame, and I’m glad it was. I actually think of spiders as cute but also creepy. Thanks for the photograph as well; I tried to take some but couldn’t get as close. Now I can prove to my friend that it is indeed a spider, not a bug!

    1. Thanks lemontree.
      You can call it stomach, but I believe abdomen is the commonly-used term.
      And yes, it is certainly not an insect, definitely in the arachnid group

  27. HI! Caught one of these in my home a couple of weeks ago. I have never seen a green spider. So, we caught it and were trying to feed it to see how big it got or how it changed (just curious). Glad to see your pic – ours looks just like it! We are in Seattle. Apparently it does not like what we are offering though – does not want to eat! Very cool looking spider………….

  28. I saw this spider on my kitten when I picked her up. She wouldn’t eat and I found this spider on her. Is it poisonous? and if so wil it kill her? She is 14 weeks old.

  29. I found this exact spider on my pool gate that I frequenly use. I have a nasty bite on my forearm…which I had suspected was from a spider. We live in Plano…just outside of Dallas.

    1. Could be a bite from the spider Leslie, but I guess it could be from quite a few other bugs too.
      Thanks for the sighting, the first in Texas.

  30. I just saw this exact spider in Plano/Dallas area. I have a disturbing bite on my arm that I assumed was a spider bite and then I saw this green spider this morning on the gate handle that I go through frequently. I am betting this is the spider that bite me.


  32. I live around the FL. AL. line by the gulf and I see them all the time here. I was told they were bad but I aint bout to find out.

    1. Thanks Stephen, it’s good to know that we don’t have an endangered species here judging by the number that have been splatted over the last few months. And it is probably a very wise decision to avoid these critturs.

  33. I was at a friends house yesterday in Rockledge, FL doing yard york and a little one jumped on my arm and bit me, only got a little bump and slightly burn for an hour or so, but it is better now.

  34. Another found in Georgia, up north near the mountains. Found it inside our home and captured it in a little jar to release out in the wild. We get lots of spiders round here.

  35. i saw one yesterday in my car on the door.. indianapolis, IN. I never seen a spider like that before specially greenish… i had to obseve it closely but i had to kill it cause i dont like spiders! and i dont want it to bite me… ewww

    1. this same freaking spider bit my son last monday, not a nice bite it was & we live in Alexandria, Virginia. my son was suffering with bad itching, swelling & pain, until 3 days later, it burst & lots of liquid came out, we have been applying alcohol, benadryl cream, & benadryl by mouth, finally 10 days later, its starting to clear up, it came right out of a tree onto my sons leg & instantly bit him.. swelling instantly came up within 24 hours

    2. They I just killed one of these today in my washroom i was reading a book and looked up and it was looking me right in the face like so like all the other DANGEROUS Spiders i KILLED IT ….

  36. I found one today in my car. I killed it. It was scary! I’ve never seen a green spider before, had to look it up as soon as i got home. If it bites are there any side affects? I didn’t get bitten but just want to be assured for the next time.

  37. I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water, when i noticed a small green spider zig-zagging forming a web. It scared me to death….sadly I had to kill the lil critter…oh, im from San Antonio, TX…

  38. Hi, I saw a spider that looked just like the ones you are talking about hanging around on a wall in my bedroom. It freaked me out so I tried to kill it. It must have jumped ontop of the television and I found it later and killed it. Spiders are so scary!!!!

  39. There was one on my grey car when I left yesterday morning, and still there when I got back after running errands around town in Seneca, SC.

    1. Indiana, that’s the first sighting in the Hoosier State, thanks a lot tonya (and it would be great if you could tell us where in Indiana).

  40. WOW! I just seen this spider in my back yard, i tried to kill it but it jumped and vanished into the grass! scared the crap out of me, I ran into the house! lol.

    Stafford, VA

  41. Just saw one on a pine tree here in Virginia. Very unusual looking spider. Had I known that it would jump, I would not have gotten so close.

  42. just seen one of these bad boys so i came online to see did anyone else know about this creature it was my first encounter … sorry to say that i killed the little fella

  43. i jus saw a spider tha looked exactly like this, it had an enlongated back, pointing slightly upwards.. it was on a black car, and the sun was shiningon it, so it appeared to be glowing, almost.. neon green.. i am, no joke, in fairbanks alaska

  44. Just Saw this spider in my car. I was screaming like hell because I never seen a green spider. I screamed even more when it jumped. Ugh. My friend hopefully killed it. It moved too fast! I’m still paranoid in my car!

    1. Sorry to hear of your close encounter, but thanks for the sighting, looks like the little, green monster has a real affinity for Orlando.

  45. I saw one of these on my car a couple of days ago, they are so bright and fast! I am in the Ozarks, southwest Missouri. I have seen one before but don’t remember when.

    1. Found one of these yesterday on my husbands red car…it was a shocker to see a green spider and I caught it to look at it closer. Strange looking to say the least! It shed its exoskeleton/skin last night too. I had been doing yard work so it could have been on on the palms I had just brought into the garage, although I noticed other people mention they found this guy on their cars too….weird. Located in SW Orlando.

      1. On a red car; we can’t accuse this particular arachnid of using camouflage.
        Thanks, Donna, it appears that this guy certainly enjoys life in the Sunshine State.

  46. i just seen one and came online to find out what it was and it brought me here sad to say i dont like spiders so i killed it…..-spring hill, FL

  47. I have one of these glaring at me from my dead lavendar plant here in Savannah, GA. My 6’3″ 235lb husband was more creeped out by it than I was.

    1. Firstly sorry to hear about your lavender, they are devilishly difficult to maintain.
      As for the green spider, I must say they do look exceedingly creepy, but in an elegant kind of way!?
      Thanks for the sighting Krista, that’s our first in Georgia.

    1. Thanks Omayra, that is our second sighting in Florida.

      I hope it wasn’t raining at the time and that the poor thing didn’t get squished by your wipers!

  48. I saw this exact spider on my windshield today. I am in Birmingham, AL. When I opened my car door, the spider “jumped” into my vehicle and I almost killed myself getting out of the way! I couldn’t catch it – it was a quick little monster! LOL

    1. The spider in this photo is a very rare one from Papua New Guinea, so I guess it is a different variety from the one in your garden, Chew.
      Nevertheless it is very interesting to hear that you have such a beautiful spider in your garden.

  49. In spring of 2008, I saw some spiders in Canby Oregon that I could not identify. With two of the spiders, the proportions of the legs and body size of were an exact match with the black widow, only they were red-violet instead of black. Their color was monotone with no markings, they were very shiny. I found out that there are brown house spiders(poisonous but not lethal) that are closely related to black widows, but nothing about any species with a red-violet monotone coloration. I think they may be a new species, but I do not know who to contact about it. Later that summer, while catching bugs for my fish, I accidentally squished a brown spider when picking it up, and it had red guts ! I turned over more rocks and found a bunch more with red guts. Now, one may say they probably just ate a bunch of mosquitos, but these spiders build their webs under rocks, and never seem to venture out, and they live in a dry area where there are no worms in the soil. Does anybody have a clue what these little critters are?

  50. I saw one today that looked exactly like this one in Richmond va. It was outside on my friends car, very bouncy spider, totally freaked me out. I’ve never seen a translucent one before.

  51. Found a spider that is either the same or very similar this morning sitting on a plastic telephone post in our estate in Winterville, North Carolina. I had never seen a green spider before, so googled, and yours is the best match!

  52. In my humble opinion this spider is more translucent than it is transparent.

    It’s not so much “see through” as it allows light to pass through it. Fascinating. It has a CG look to it that is termed as SSS or “sub-surface scattering”.

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